Let Your Love Rise

Principal Lam Yim Shan

As a principal, it is my job and my responsibility to make the school full of love. It is not difficult. A warm smile, a hug, a simple encouragement, a sincere blessing to the students will do the magic. But to the kids, love from the school alone will never be enough.

Children will face ups and downs when they are growing up. As parents, we have to know when is the best time to let go and let them try, and when we should assist them. But no matter what, we can always provide them with a loving home. It will be a very important cushion for them, especially when they are discouraged and frustrated. Home is where they can find support with love and positive energy. Home is where they can prepare themselves to face difficulties.

As parents, how do you want your kids to react when they face hardships and difficulties? Do you want them to simply suffer from the hardships or do you want them to grow even stronger through the challenges? With love and company, both from the school and home, I believe the children will become stronger, flying high in the sky no matter how poor the conditions are.